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2024 Case Management Hero Award Recipients

As practicing professionals, we know there are unsung heroes among us. But while caring for patients in a heroic manner, some health care workers struggle with challenging circumstances in their personal lives. Sometimes even a hero needs help and support. The ACMA Case Management Hero Award was established to recognize case management professionals, who continually deliver exemplary service for our patients and families, but also face a major life challenge and could benefit from ACMA's support. Since the award’s inception, ACMA has financially supported recipients with medical, mortgage, utility, and childcare expenses, funded scholarships, and more. On Sunday, April 21, ACMA announced the 2024 Case Management Hero Award Recipients. 
2024 Case Management Hero Award
2024 Case Management Hero Award
2024 Case Management Hero Award

Robin Simpson

Case Management Social Worker

Known as "Mrs. Social Work," Robin Simpson had a heart for all her patients, including many who experienced homelessness. She always had a cheerful outlook despite occasional concerns about issues in her home life. Respected by her physicians and colleagues, she was a mentor to many, a supporter of change in the workplace, and always ready to offer solutions. 
After her tragic death, her coworkers set up a GoFundMe to assist with legal fees and, in honor of her love of coffee, they set up a “coffee stopin their case management office. 

ACMA is honored to recognize Robin as a posthumous recipient of the 2024 ACMA Case Management Hero Award and to support the family of this frontline hero who made a huge difference in the lives and care of others. 

Liane Sigl

Case Manager

Liane Sigl uses her firsthand perspective on heath care to better understand her patients' experience, and her sacrifices to serve patients while fighting cancer and raising her 4-year-old twins demonstrate a high standard of care that is the benchmark for our Hero Award. 

ACMA honors Liane for her continued demonstration of profound resilience and leadership. Her selfless commitment to supporting new staff, patients, and families exemplifies the highest standards within our practice. 

Kyle Galyean

Case Manager

Kyle Galyean does not allow personal health concerns to impact his intense effort and passion for helping others with true heroism. 

Recently, this case manager continued to show up for his patients despite an unreliable vehicle, multiple surgeries, and his ongoing immunotherapy as he battles his second diagnosis of cancer. 

ACMA honors Kyle for his contributions as a case manager and proudly supports him and his wife, Shannon. 

Even a Hero Needs Help

ACMA Case Management Hero Award Past Recipients:

  • At the 2023 National Conference, we posthumously honored Jacqueline Pokuaa, a social worker at Dallas Methodist Medical Center and Patrick Gilbert, supervisor of clinical informatics and education with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, Missouri.
  • At the 2022 National Conference, we posthumously honored Monica "Tisha" Ouzts from Self Regional Healthcare. 
  • At the 2021 National Conference, we were delighted to honor two deserving individuals as our inaugural Case Management HeroesJamie Clardy from Lexington Medical Center and Linda Kuitert from Memorial Hermann.